Facilitation of meetings, workshops and round-table talks

  • Strategic and project planning
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Direction setting, problem analysis, solution finding


Writing of easy-to-understand documents and content

  • General content for print and online
  • Plans and reports
  • Background papers


Coaching and training in workplace skills and tools


Strategic planning
Context, stakeholder engagement, purpose and vision, values, risk management, performance indicators, tracking progress

Plain English communication
Audience, purpose, structure, content, layout and design features

Developing partnerships
Initial exploration, benefit- and risk-analysis, agreement-making, joint planning, tracking progress

Project management planning
Contextual analysis, stakeholder engagement, risk management, scoping, task-scheduling, tracking progress

Team development
Stages in team formation, what helps and hinders success, useful interventions

Grant applications
Finding grants, background research, writing process, submitting the application


For individuals and small groups

  • Single sessions
  • Blocks of four sessions at discounted rate

Customised to organisations

  • Very short courses (1½ to 2 hours) - overview and some practice
  • Short courses (½ day) - overview and more practice
  • Longer courses (1 and 2 days) - overview and extensive practice